Visual Arts

VISUAL ARTS DEPARTMENT is an interdisciplinary section pursuing contemporary art developments nationally and globally and reflecting them on its program. In this program where studio lessons are supported by theoretical ones, the student gains the practice of combining creative production process with intellectual action power.

Consisting of a young and specialized team aimed at giving a dynamic education, this department acquaints the student with different artistic perspectives through workshops, exhibitions and art sessions organized in the scope of yearly activities.

This department incorporates lithograph, sculpture and installation studios along with presenting the opportunity of benefiting from the graphic studios, photographic studios and computer laboratories to its students.

In this program developed for the students to acquire artistic production practice, the attention is focused on selective studio lessons. The program is further supported with theoretical lessons so that the student obtains the theoretical basis which ranges from art history to philosophy. The fact that Visual Arts Department consists predominantly of selective lessons results from opting an interdisciplinary education system which provides the student to face different technique and approaches. With this method the student carries the knowledge and abilities acquired from different disciplines to an intellectual level.

Visual Arts Department graduates can perform their profession as independent artists as well as work in artistic organizations or take place in management positions of galleries and museums in today’s increasing art environmen