Mevlana Exchange Program
  Department Institution Country
ART & DESIGN Art and Design Kyrgyzstan- Turkey Manas University Kyrgyzstan
Fashion Design Hoca Ahmet Yesevi International Kazak-Turkish University Kazakhstan
Visual Art & Communication Design International University of Sarajevo Bosnia


Mevlana Exchange Program aims to realize the exchange of students and educational staff between the national and international higher education institutions. With the Regulation published in Official Register Nr.28034 on August 23, 2011, the student and faculty members exchange between national and international higher education institutions have been made possible. Students wishing to participate in the exchange program can benefit at least one, maximum two semesters, faculty members can use the program to teach in higher education institutions around the world for a minimum of one week to a maximum of three months.

Similarly students and faculty members from all around the world  can attend educational acitivities in higher education institutions of Turkey within the scope of the program.