Visual Communication Design

The Visual Communication Design Department educates and trains designers for the communication needs of industry and society. The Department emphasizes the conception, creation, planning and realization of visual solutions to complex problems in contemporary culture. Students integrate methodology, prototyping, aesthetics, human factors, technology, materials, context and audience to develop strategies and solutions that give form to print, screen and the built environment. Our faculty members and instructors emphasize the objectives of design rather than the process of production, and encourage innovative visual ideas that inform, interpret, instruct, or persuade the intended user across the spectrum of application.

This professional program primarily aims at visual communication in the corporate, institutional and municipal sectors.

It is an intensive program emphasizing visual problem solving, organizational skills and information theory. The curriculum includes all phases of typography, information design, design systems, exhibition design, publication design, new media, and visual methods/processes. The graduates of this department are expected to be employed in various graphics design studios, publishing houses, newspapers, magazines, television broadcast companies, video production companies, advertisers, and public service offices.