About the College
Eskişehir Osmangazi University is one of the leading educational establishments in Turkey. It was founded as the State Academy of Business Administration in 1958 in Eskişehir. In 1970 Eskişehir State Academy of Engineering and Architecture was established in the same locality, too. In 1982, these two institutions were united to form Anadolu University. Due to the extensive growth of Anadolu University, several colleges including the Medical School, College of Science and Literature and College of Engineering and Architecture were separated from Anadolu University to form Osmangazi University in 1993. New colleges have been established since then. Among these colleges are the College of Business Administration, College of Theology, College of Tourism, College of Dentistry, and College of Art and Design.
The College of Art and Design was established in 2009. Four departments have been approved by the Higher Education Council. The first group of students was admitted to the Visual Communication Design Department in the year 2013.  The following year The Visual Arts department started the instruction.  In 2017, our first graduates received their diplomas.  Work is underway to start instruction in the Industrial Product Design Department as well as in the Fashion and Textile Design Department in near future.
The College has faculty members and staff who are dedicated to excellence in all senses including the instruction and education for the students. This is reflected to the curriculum in all programs.
The College of Art and Design has a doable and realistic vision: to train artists and designers to be competitive at national and international levels.
The vision of the College of Art and Design will come true via the following:  
  • Providing theoretical and practical training on art and design,
  • Using traditional and modern tools and techniques in instruction,
  • Developing the intuition, perception and presentation skills,
  • Providing opportunities for the artistic and design powers to be revealed,
  • Emphasizing that the art and design is for all living beings.
The College is located in the Bademlik Campus, Odunpazarı, Eskişehir, TURKEY